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Tuff Sound Recording Open House – June 1, 2016; 6-8 PM

Come see where we play, enjoy snacks and refreshments, and mingle.

Tuff Sound Recording (TSR) is a spacious and and modern recording facility that features expert engineers; high quality digital and analog equipment; and integration with a 2000 square foot rehearsal/performance space. Come see where we play and learn more about the studio. 

Also featuring emerging producers from the Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program (TSAP): Zoe Zielinski, Robert Almond, Lyndon Shelton, Zach Stadtlander, and LivefromtheCity. 

Four months ago, Tuff Sound Recording launched the Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program. Led by Herman Pearl and Amos Levy, six apprentices have been learning the art of audio engineering. Join us at the Open House where they will present work they produced with local collaborators.

Open to the Public
June 1st; 7-9 PM
Tuff Sound Recording
201 N. Braddock Avenue


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For Immediate Release

Pittsburgh Studio to Teach Youth how to Produce their own Records

PITTSBURGH– There are a number of programs in Pittsburgh that help teenagers pursue their passion as musicians and performers, but the Tuff Sound Apprenticeship Program (TSAP) is something new. Rather than putting young musicians on stage, TSAP is focusing on the youth who love to create behind the scenes, in the studio.

Led by Head Engineer and founder of Tuff Sound Recording Herman Pearl and Teaching Artist Amos Levy, TSAP is designed to teach teens the art of audio production. The program launched February 8th. Through the intensive 4-month program, the duo will work with youth who have an interest in producing, but limited resources to do it.

“Our goal is to provide a next step for young, talented and motivated audio engineers who may lack resources for expensive training classes. We want this program to be equivalent to a college level course,” Pearl explained.  

Apprentices entering the program have already proved their ingenuity with audio technology. They used whatever they have on hand–cellphones, school computer labs, laptops, or family PCs to compose demos that they submitted with their nominations to the program. Some make beats, some play instruments, some sing and some rap.

To find these talented apprentices, TSAP has partnered with leading performing arts programs in the city, such as Dreams of Hope, Alumni Theater Company, 1Hood Media, YMCA Lighthouse, Hope Academy, and The Arts Greenhouse.  By providing expertise, specialized instruction and access to state-of-the-art equipment, TSAP will help youth reach new creative opportunities and career paths.

Levy reflects on his experience working with arts programs throughout Pittsburgh. “I was frustrated to see how many young people would reach age 18 and lose access to all of the recording and performing opportunities in which they had learned to excel,” he said. “We want to help by training cohorts of young people that can produce records for their peers.”

The apprentices will collaborate with local musicians and other media makers throughout their training process. The program will culminate in an open house on June 1st at which apprentices  will showcase their work for professional artists, media makers, musicians, family and friends.

This project is supported in part by the Hive Fund for Connected Learning at The Sprout Fund. Hive Pittsburgh is a program of The Sprout Fund that supports connected learning projects that help youth, including tweens, teens, and young adults, prepare for college, the workforce, and civic participation.